Tournaments are funded by the owners of GNO City. Rewarding the top players.


  • 2v2 / 4v4 / 6v6 โ€“ teams can be created. A person can only be involved with 1 team โ€“ uses their lineup that is active.

  • You invite who you want to be part of your TEAM. For example, if Nick wanted to invite Chickenliver he would invite him to his team. Chickenliver would have to accept the invite.

  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO LEVEL RANGE. You will go up against teams that can be higher level.

  • This will be utilizing Racing & PVP Mode. It will randomize which mode is played in the tournament for the week. Users will be able to see this.

  • A leaderboard is created for the season. Seasons will be split into 4 quarters of the year.

  • A tournament is automatically created each week to play out. Each day a match is established and results are displayed.

  • The teams will be tracked on wins/losses. At the end of the season the winners on top of the leaderboard will receive GNOKEN.

  • Players canโ€™t leave or disband a team until the season is over.

  • Tournaments DO NOT change the health of your character or interfere with PVP or Racing.

  • Energy DOES NOT get used for a match.

  • Racing Tickets DOES NOT get used for a match.


Tournament brackets are generated weekly. The season ends every quarter. Prizes are subject to change each season.

Tournaments PvP & Racing

Tournaments are completed randomly choosing PvP or Racing modes.

Tournament Notes

  • No level ranges are completed. May the top characters win.

  • Keep your character ACTIVE. If your character is DISABLED you will score a 0 for your team on the sub match.

  • Make sure your lineup is set in PVP + RACING.

  • Keep your character in good health or it will be disabled automatically.

  • Tournament matches won't drain your health the typical PVP matches will.

Season 1 Results


Season 1 winners will receive 500,000 GNOKEN - 250,000 GNOKEN to each player.


Season 1 winners will receive 2,000,000 GNOKEN - 500,000 GNOKEN to each player.


Season 1 winners will receive 4,500,000 GNOKEN. 750,000 GNOKEN to each player.

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