Evolution Eggs

What do Evolution Eggs do?

Gaining evolution eggs gives you the opportunity to evolve that specific character into SERIES II. When packs or special drops occur in SERIES II if you donโ€™t own the evolution you wonโ€™t gain access.

The future of evolving to a super power Gnome will arrive in Series II. These characters will have higher max skills and will add a whole new level of playing in GNO City. Will you be able to Evolve all 150 Gnomes? Start staking today and collecting your eggs to be prepared for Series II.

The process for egg staking starts with first having Gnome Series 1 Gnomes. The more you have. The rarity. The Level. All factor into how many eggs per hour you get.

You begin by staking your gnomes. Every hour they accumulate eggs (Stops accumulating after 30 days if you don't claim/different than unstaking) You can claim eggs every hour and it will show you your new current total ( not counting any unstaked as egg NFT's already). Once an Evolution is ready, you have your eggs, your series one gnome, and your GNOKEN and head to the evolution page. This is where you obtain your hybrid series 2 NFT. When done you can choose to re-stake them for eggs again or do as you wish.

General Tip

The rarer the gnome and the higher the level it is, the more eggs per hour it will yield. The new eggs per hour on some of the future evolutions follow this chart:

Increase Eggs Per Hour by Leveling Up

For every level the character is you'll earn 1% more bonus eggs.

Free Packs for Mints 1-100 Hybrids of Each New Character

We believe in rewarding those who evolve first. The first 100 characters that evolve in the mint number range of 1-100 will get an airdrop of a evolution pack. If you evolve a character 5x and the mint number is below 100, you'll receive 5 free packs on the airdrop! You can also buy a pack as well since you own the Hybrid version of that character.

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