Gnome Series 1

Gnome Series 1 is where it all started. The original collection inspiring GNO City and others. This will outline the various types, gnomesand events throughout the history of Gnome Series 1.

Gnome Series 1 is by far the largest collection of Gnomes and rarities in the GNO City ecosystem.

When Gnome Series 1 launched the ease of launching pre-minted packs on AtomicHub just wasn't there. That is when the creator Nick decided to throw in redemption cards for ways that people can get a "pre-minted" card and have fun with it. These still exist on the secondary market and can be redeemed for Series 2 cards.

Blends were also introduced in a variety of ways. The most famous blend to date has been for the coveted Elite Gnome variants.

Over time, some of the variants were discontinued such as Prismatic and Reveal, therefore you will notice that only a few gnomes are in those rarities.

The Artwork over time has also evolved , you may notice some older variants of the same rarity look different than newer ones.

Additional Rarity Benefits

Portraits stake for a bonus 5% XP (stack-able) for every victory. Example if you were to win 100 XP in a PVP battle and you have 5 portraits staked for a 25% bonus you would then receive 125 XP instead of 100. See Bonus Section for more details.

Skill NFTs

Launched in beta to allow would be players to level up their Gnomes for PVP. They came in each category of skill and in different XP amounts. (See Leveling Up Section)

Gem Cards

Came in a variety of rarities and early on were the keys to gaining access to some of the best Elite Gnomes in the game. Currently all gems stake for eggs (see evolution page) for the very rare VIP Gnome.

Series 1 Gnome Rarity Chart

These will be broken down by rarity and ranked from entry level to the 1/1 Gold Parallel. There are a few one offs and rare variants not necessarily covered below.

Promo Cards

Various Promo NFTs were distributed for free.


The entry level card of the majority of gnomes.







Gold Plated



Rainbow Epic

Dark Epic

Shiny Legendary





Pink Parallel /250

Blue Parallel /100

Purple Parallel /50

Green Parallel /10

Red Parallel /5

Rainbow Parallel /2

Gold Parallel /1

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