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Gno City Consumables

GNO City Consumables is a 3rd party collection that hosts the health/food NFTs required to heal your characters. Healing your character increases likeability.
Food NFTs come in a few rarities and different foods including the General Max Health. These are used to increase your likeability trait which is weighted in both PVP and Racing algorithms.
Meaning if yours is higher than your opponents, you win that likeability category in the match. Food is used to heal your characters up to a max of 250 (Free Heal is to 100).

Health Rarities & Packs

Due to Retirement- Original Food NFT's Ranging from 1 Health to 100 Health are not covered below, they were minted very lightly and most were burned and used.
Rarity: Amount of Health Per NFT
  • Rare: 100
  • Super Rare: 150
  • Legendary: 175
  • Elite: 200
  • Mythic: 225
  • Max Health: 250