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Complex Series

Complex Series consists of characters, pets and collectibles.
Complex Series was the first collection to be added to the GNO City ecosystem. The characters are often times unique creations of characters and other times collaborations with other collections in the NFT space or Musical Artists.
Complex Series characters follow a similar rarity chart as Gnome Series with different names, but far less rarities involved. Most Complex Series characters were available and are available as a pre mint pack drop. With a few past exceptions where they were created from blends of gnomes.
Below you will find the rarity chart for all Complex Series Character and the other NFTs in the collection:

Common - Max Mint 1000

Uncommon- Max Mint 500

Rare- /50

Legendary /10

Mythic /5

Sketch /3

Gold Mythic /1

Other NFTs


NFTs that are promos telling a story , in a comic style framed theme. Occasionally used in blends.

GNO City Toys

A set of 8 boxed action figure style gnomes. A rare collectible in the city. Each is Minted /100.