Badges & Achievements

This Page will talk about the various in game achievements and criteria and specifics around them.

Achievements in GNO City are claimed by the user after they complete a milestone in the game. You can take a qualifying GNO City character to claim for a certain achievement.

Important Information When Claiming

Each individual GNO City character NFT can only be used for 1 Achievement. Example - If you use your Gold 1/1 Gnog for Level 100 Achievement, it cannot be used again for any other achievement.

You will need to use a different GNO City character and it will have to meet the criteria of achievement you are attempting to claim. These Achievements are badges over and cannot be resold. As of now there is no utility behind them. You will have bragging rights with others around the city.

Achievements is located on the navigation (last icon) and can be found here:

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