Bonuses in GNO City can vary across the board.

The Gnome Series Portraits have multiple use cases. This page will outline the various NFT's across all collections that provide a bonus to gameplay.

First we will cover and outline the types of bonuses within the game and each necessary category will have it's own section of how-to.


All of Gnome Series 1 characters stake for various amounts of eggs. This is dependent upon the rarity and potentially unique to an individual gnome. You can find the updated egg chart on the Evolution Eggs screen.

XP Boost

Gnome Series 1 Portraits and Complex Series Story NFTs (Not the Promos) Provide a bonus 5% XP per win in both PvP and Racing. This is stack-able and can lead to large amount of XP gains in a short time with multiple staked.


All Gnome Series 2 characters will stake on commercial land as workers providing additional benefits and resources such as food. Breakdown of the worker chart can be found under the land functionality page.


Not required to own, but an enhancement and can provide an advantage over an opponent. Perks are GNO City World NFTs that boost a character's stats in a particular category WITHOUT boosting their level up.

Racing Boost

Similar to perks but for vehicles and limitations. Not required, but can provide an advantage over an opponent in a close race.

Energy Boost

Energy Boost NFTs are from GNO City World and provide an additional 10 Energy Per NFT Per Day. You must click on boost at the top of GNO City or the battery icon if you are on mobile. This will boost your energy for the day. These NFTs are not staked and only look at your inventory.

Racing Ticket

Racing ricket is required to play Racing, but for every ticket in your wallet you can have up to that many races per day.

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