Gnome Series 2

Gnome Series 2 is the start of the evolution from Series 1. Eggs are generated from your Series 1 characters. Series 2 Gnomes will be stake-able as workers on commercial land for additional benefit.

Gnome Series 2 started when the first Gnome Mary J started staking for eggs.(see egg page). This meant that for every Mary J you had staked, you earned hourly eggs for Mary J. Once it became time for Mary J to have their Evolution, the player would un-stake their eggs, go to the evolution page and do their evolution with the required pieces (see evolutions). This would result in the player getting the first evolution of series 2 as well as their original NFT back used to Evolve (GNOKEN and Eggs Burned) and any remaining eggs over quota are also returned.

Series 2 are the only Gnomes or characters that stake on commercial land as workers (More Details further Below). As a BONUS the first 100 Minted Hybrids of each S2 Gnome will receive an airdropped S2 Mini Pack of the same character for Free after 100 are minted. AND HAVE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS AS HYBRID HOLDERS TO THE S2 PACK DROP OF THAT CHARACTER while supplies last. There will not be a public pack sale for an S2 Evolution Gnome. The only way to gain access is to hold a Hybrid in your wallet, while the drop is live to make a purchase.

The rarity chart will be outlined below along with the different class of workers available.

Rarity Chart


It is created by Taking a Series 1 Gnome of the same type , the required egg amount( see eggs) and the required GNOKEN amount. (If you do not have enough eggs you may attempt a % chance based off how close to 100% of eggs you have)

Common /300

Blue Shimmer/100

Purple Shimmer /50

Green Shimmer /20

Red Shimmer /10

Rainbow Shimmer /5

Gold Shimmer /2

Holo /1

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