Pet Staking

Basics of Pet Staking

GNO City Pets were created by Complex Series. The pet staking allows you to earn experience every hour. You must claim your experience in a 48 hour window for it to continue giving you a bonus.

As of right now you cannot allocate the experience like you would in Story Mode. It must go into one slot of the NFT so we recommend claiming as often as possible so you can allocate a certain way.

Pets can range anywhere from 1XP per Hour to 100XP per hour.

Pets as stated above earn passive XP every hour even while not playing the game. This has made pets arguably one of the most beneficial and useful parts of GNO City. Pets are renewable resources of XP to be used as long as you play the game and can level up ALL of your characters.

Pets Rarity Chart: Per Hour

Common - 1 XP

Uncommon - 5 XP

Rare - 25 XP

Legendary 50 XP

Gold 100 XP

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