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GNO City World

The List Below will outline and define the various Types of NFTs in the GNO City World Collection.


Non-transferable NFTs created when you achieve a particular level of progress in GNO City.


Various Promo NFTs for promotional purposes, occasionally with utility such as a blend or Story Mode reward.

Monthly Box

Occasionally GNO City will sell a monthly value box. The box consists of getting various airdropped NFTs and packs through out the month, some of which can never be obtained elsewhere.


Various in game items used to play the game, first introduced was the Net Gun.


Egg NFTs are used in Evolution's to obtain Series 2 Cards. This is the only way to purchase off of a Series 2 drop. You stake a Series 1 NFTs, depending on the NFT it stakes for different amounts of eggs per hour based off the Gnome being staked.
Once you have enough eggs you can unstake your gnomes and it will automatically create an egg NFT in your wallet. You will go to the Evolution Page when it is available for each Gnome and attempt the Evolution. The Evolution will require a particular amount of eggs based off each gnome individually. It will also require an equal amount of GNOKEN. You can still ATTEMPT an evolution without the required amount of eggs for a % chance.
Example if Gneti needed 4,500 eggs for evolution and you only had 2,250, you would have a 50% chance at success. You still need ALL the GNOKEN requirements so 4,500 GNOKEN would still be needed. Failed attempts will not take any of your GNOKEN, it will destroy your eggs.
Each evolution hybrid the first 100 Mints will be given a free S2 Mini Pack of that Gnome. And Owning a Hybrid is the only way to purchase the remaining of Mini Packs off of the Drop.


Perks are specific attribute NFTs that boost a particular stat to a GNO City character. They are not burned and can be removed manually from one and moved to another. There is one Perk for each of the 10 individual skill attributes and they come in one of 1 of 5 Rarities each with a different boost %.
  • Common - 2%
  • Uncommon - 5%
  • Rare - 15%
  • Legendary - 25%
  • Mythic - 35%


Comes in 2 varieties with distinct differences. If acquired on drop or if original owner didn't choose land type. You may select commercial or residential and your land be will be given a random set of coordinates of a real world location.
Benefits of residential land owners?
As residential land owner you will gain rewards if someone is on your land capturing Gnomes (they must capture a gnome). Users can visit your land and spin a marker. Both users will be rewarded as well. People can stake their homes on your land. This will allow them to have more races etc. Land owner can charge in GNOKEN how much it will cost to have their home on your land.
Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN and home owners can be rewarded in GNOKEN.
Benefits of commercial land owners?
As commercial land owner you will get to create workers for your Gnomes. Ex – Series II card has a leaf, you can STAKE that character (if you wish) to be a worker on your land. The leaf would represent it can “FARM”. Farming will allow you to build food/health over time.
Different business options will be made available over time.
There is a mechanic that will be created that will prevent “WHALES” and to prevent the avoidance of health collection from being “DEVALUED”. Each trait for each character will have different functions.
Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN.

Energy Refills

Energy refill provides you with 10 Additional Energy EVERY DAY and is stack-able. When you first start PvP you will begin with 100 Energy. Every hour you regain 20 Energy up to and not to exceed 100 Energy. These allow you to go past that once a day. So if you hold 40 Energy NFTs that will be an additional 400 Energy for PVP when you hit the boost. These will work passively in your wallet every 24 hours from your last boost.


Similar to energy boost NFTs the daily race ticket allows you to either do 1 H2H Race vs an opponent for GNOKEN or a time trial for guaranteed XP. They are stack-able, but differ from energy in that they require to be staked on the racing page.