Land has 2 different types: commercial or residential. Details below outlining the benefits.

Commercial Land

As commercial land owner you will get to create workers for your Gnomes. Ex – Series II card has a leaf, you can STAKE that character (if you wish) to be a worker on your land. The leaf would represent it can “FARM”. Farming will allow you to build food/health over time.

Series 2 Workers Chart

Series 2 Land Operations & Levels

There is a mechanic that will be created that will prevent “WHALES” and to prevent the avoidance of health collection from being “DEVALUED”. Each trait for each character will have different functions.

Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN.

Residential Land

As residential land owner you will gain rewards if someone is on your land capturing Gnomes (they must capture a gnome). Users can visit your land and spin a marker. Both users will be rewarded as well. People can stake their homes on your land. This will allow them to have more races etc. Land owner can charge in GNOKEN how much it will cost to have their home on your land.

Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN and home owners can be rewarded in GNOKEN.

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